Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa offers you additional protection against unauthorized use of your credit card for online payments. To participate, you will need to sign up with your card-issuing bank and submit a password. When making payments for a credit card order, you will be transferred automatically to the card-issuing bank's Web site, where you will be required to enter your password. This method allows you to submit your password directly to the card-issuing bank. After verification and confirmation, your credit card will be charged and your order completed.

By entering the correct password on the card-issuing bank's Web site, you are authenticated as the rightful owner of the credit card. If an invalid password is entered, the order will not be completed.

If necessary, the card-issuing bank's Web site will ask you if you would like to set up the Verified by Visa Service.

For more information on Verified by Visa visit the Visa Web site (available in English).