Test the"stratification table sufficiency"  

To stratify a database we need a stratification table. But what if the stratification table is not well designed? That is, what if the stratification
table does not consider all possible cases a given field may take?
Well, stratification would be carried out, anyway --but not right.
Thinking of this problem the Test the "stratification table sufficiency" function was developed, which examines the database and shows
in a column all values not included in the stratification table
Then, you would have to add any missing categories to the stratification table; only then database stratification could be done right.
Consider this simple example: We have a database and an incomplete stratification table (deliberately so created, naturally)
Click the corresponding button to active the Test Stratification table sufficiency function.
Choose the field to be evaluated and select the stratification table. Finally, click on the Testing… button

A new spreadsheet with the report of the test carried out will be created, as shown in the illustration below. As you can see, cell C7 -to name just one- contains the value 87. This value was missing in the stratification table, which only includes categories up to 70.

.Then, after knowing the cases not included in the stratification table, we proceed to modify them, as follows:

Now, you will be able to carry out a complete stratification of the database.