Extract unique records  

Use this versatile tool to group records in a database, meeting the rigorousness you will usually need for a given operation.
So, how rigorous can the search for unique records be?
As rigorous as you wish.
You may want get all records that differ from one another only as to the first field, or you may want to get records that differ as to the three first fields of the database, or you may just want to get all non-repeated records.
This resourceful tool does it for you. Let's see a simple example.
Consider the database shown below. Notice that repeated rows have non-white background colors.

First of all, assume the first row contains the database field names. This is a basic requirement to use this suitable tool.
Follow these steps:
Select any cell belonging to the database you are to work with or select the target range, and click on the Unique Rows buttons in the toolbar.
1. Choose the name of the field you need to filter (to search for repeated records only in this field) or choose the option. All Fields (to carry out a full search)

You will see that if you choose a field name, you may search in other field by clicking on this button (button icon here) as a new control in which you may choose another field to filter will be added.

2. choose the place you want the operation to take place in: either on the same database or in a new sheet. In this example, choose to paste in a new sheet.