VERSION 3.2.0 (14/03/08)

In this new version 3.2 of Financial Advisor for Excel, we have added:

  • Ribbon para office 2007
  • Formulario de registro en Windows Vista
  • Toggle settings
  • Online video
VERSION 3.1 (24/10/07)

In this new version 3.1 of Financial Advisor for Excel, we have added:

  • Favorites new
  • Toggle settings new
  • Sheets manager
  • Export sheets as
VERSION 3.0 (06/10/06)

In this new version we have added the folowing functionalities:

  • Administrar calculadoras
  • My favorites
  • Operaciones matematicas
VERSION 2.3 (10/16/05)

This version has a new useful tool: "Toggle Settings" which will allow you configure quickly the most common tasks in your Excel spreadsheets.

VERSION 2.2 (05/12/05)
Financial Advisor for Excel 2.2 has 1 calculator more. We have added an useful calculator with tape, where you can see your operations' history. Also you can manage it from your keyboard
VERSION: 2.1 (12/02/04)
1. We added an arithmetic calculator
2. We optimized the calculators
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