Win lose

After choosing the kind of Win lose graphic, you must assign a value to the central value field, this information will serve as an axe to divide your data into 2 sections: data that is on top of the axis values and data with value less than the axis.
In the dialogue box “insert sparkline” indicate the value of the central axis (central value) to distribute the series.

After choosing the type of Excel chart click the next button.
Now on the dialogue box “Source Data” select the range with the data for the Excel chart.

You can choose to display by rows or columns.

It´s important to take into account that the central value that divides the Excel graphic is assigned at the time of inserting the Excel chart. In this case the value that is placed in the “central value” is 20, therefore the result values less than 20 are Red and values in excess of 20 are black, grouped by column.