Insert Sparkline

A sparkline is a type of information graphic characterized by its small size and data density. Sparklines present trends and variations associated with some measurement, such as Annual Sales, Win-Lose, stock market activity, average temperature, etc, in a simple and condensed way.

In MiniCharts you will find a vast amount of sparklines that will improve the visual reading of data making it faster and simple.
You can insert by means of this functionality graphics resized of the original size of the cell.
Basic: Progress Indicator & Others:
For this example we will select the pie chart type, and then press next .
Then in the dialogue box Source Data select the range to be used for the graph.

The last step, we choose to view the data in columns and we press Finish.
This is the result.

Pie - Set chart colors

When selecting the graphic of type pie, this has the possibility to show chart with colors by default in Excel or create the last series in white color.

As it is shown in the dialog box "Set chart colors".

Set scale
Optionally you can change the scale from the following dialogue box, choose OK in order to set the scale of graphics.
If you cancel or close the form normally, it will be assigned to automatic scale but excepting the "charts Progress indicators & others" in which the scale in calculated by the value of origin cells.