Insert Bump chart
Bump charts have become quite common of late and are typically used to represent changes in the position of a given number of competing entities over a fixed time duration.

Through this graphic you will be able to show how fast and based on positions, the improvement or loss of positions related to competitors.

Now, with Spreadsheet Dashboards Tools, inserting these bump charts will be easier and you will be able to see changes in your data immediately.
To create this type of graphic You need to group your data in the following way:

1.- A column containing the labels for the series in this case the range (B4: B18)

2.- A column in the first period to compare, in this case the range (C4: C18)

3.- Finally a column with the second period to compare (D4: D18).



Now, simply select the range B4: D18, as shown in the example.

Choose where to insert the Excel graphic.
As a result the Excel chart has been generated successfully.